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2005 CTS
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after many hours of reading many posts to try and find the causes and fixes of the issues I am having on 2005 CTS, 3.6l with 135,000, i believe I have found one of the fixes.

I started out having a miss or hesitation and erratic shifting once above about 45 MPH.
so, I thought that changing the plugs would help. It did not.

while I was changing the plugs, I unhooked the battery to hopefully reset everything.

when I finished installing the plugs and hooked the battery back up, the car started fine but the fuel, temp, tach and speedo gauges quit working and my blue high beam indicator light is constantly flashing.

the car still has the hesitation and erratic shifting also.

i have read that possibly having the BCU (body control unit) reset by the dealer should make my gauges start working again.

but i still dont know what is causing the hesitation and erratic shifting.

i readi it could be the torque converter, or the ECU and/or the BCU, i read it could be the contacts inside the black plastic box of the throttle body assembly.

i guess I will start with getting the BCU reset at the dealer. Could this possibly help the shifting? I read that there is a recall or bulletin about the shifting and most shifting issues are resolved after this BCU reset?????? or am I confused and need to get some other thing reset to help with the shifting???

I see now it is the TCM that needs to be reset to possibly help the shifting? can this only be done at a Cadillac dealer?

thanks for any help, Doug
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