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Resetting a replacement 2005 Deville PCM

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Dealer says I need a new PCM because the 2610 code won't stay off so I can't smog my car by California rules. I bought a used PCM programmed to my VIN with instructions on how to make it work. First it has to recognize my key or the car won't start. Instructions say to turn on ignition for about 10 minutes until the SES light goes off, then turn ignition off for 10 seconds or so then do the same thing 3 times and then it will start. Problem is the SES light never goes out after 10 mins or even an hour so I cannot go through the procedure. The car runs fine with the old module but at the end of this month, August, it will need to be smogged. All smogs fail in Califonia with the SES on even if the emissions test is OK.
I need to have the new PCM recognize my key so the car will start. Standard instructions for GM PCM as outlined above don't work for me.. What else can I do?
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Maybe the SES Light won't allow a let reprogram. Try key on, use scanner to clear code to clear SES, then restart programming.
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