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1998 Deville delagance
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This Sept I plan on driving from the western slope of colorado to Pilot Point Tx (863 mi one way) to have my NS (176,000 mi) resealed and the heads taking care of for the usual reasons. At the present time the bolts are still holding but as long as the engine is out of the car for oil leak problem I might as well have the heads done correctly.I can have a completely rebuild engine installed for about $4800. With all the upgrades for repairs. Just what I have to have done is about $2800 less. So here are my 2 questions...
1. Is anybody familiar with Carroll Cadillac and have you heard any negatives about his operation. He only works on NS's. His site is pretty impressive. Google Carroll Cadillac.
2. My current engine (176,000 miles) Runs like a scared rabbit and doesn't use excessive amount of oil. Oil leak is problematic, because the oil leaks down on the crossover pipe and stinks the garage up and sometimes the inside of the car.The car is a beauty otherwise. I'm never going to get rid of this car because the ride is "Cadillac"I will have a ton of money in it but don't care because its not going anywhere. The rebuild (complete) I don't think is necessary because the engine is performing well. So is a reseal and head job good enough? Appreciate your answers
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