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Reprogramming Canadian car to be configured as US

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Well this came up in the FOB programming thread and I figured I would bring it to the front in hopes that more people would see it that may normally ignore the FOB thread(s)

I have a Canadian spec car. It has now been imported into the US. Being Canadian specd that means I cannot program fobs among other things. It has been mentioned that I should be able to go to a dealer that has a Tech2 and they can reconfigure it as a US car. I just called one dealer and it was like I was speaking martian to him. "ahh I don't think that is possible or where to even look" and that is one of the big chevy dealer's in the area. /facepalm..

Does anyone have any experience or hard data on that? Even better would be info on where in the tech 2 they would need to go in it to do this..
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Okay, I'm not surprised to hear the response you got from the dealer. With all due respect, most dealers just aren't all that smart. They know the procedures listed in the service manual but beyond that, you may as well talk a completely foreign language. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to develop relationships with specific dealers who have entertained my requests and direction.

The change that I previously suggested to you needs to be made in the configuration settings of the Instrument Panel Module. This is where the country is set, along with enabling the various installed options. The country option is the very first configuration item to select. I have personally changed this in mine to test whether or not DRL's can be disabled so I can assure you that a country can most certainly be selected. In fact, there are probably about twelve different options to select from.

Kind of off-topic for a moment, there is not a lot of difference between the US and Canada DRL configuration. In both instances the DRL's will always come on when the car is shifted out of PARK. The difference is that for US cars, the operator can manually rotate the collar on the signal lever to turn them off while out of PARK but in Canada, this action will not turn them off. There are some countries that can be selected where the DRL's will not come on at all. The problem is that these countries also have different theft deterrent requirements and selecting them may cause other unpredictable behaviour.

So, getting back to the original question... Yes, I know the STS can be reconfigured for a number of different countries because I've done it. What I can't guarantee is whether this will actually change the theft deterrent system to allow user programming of fobs because I have not tried to do this. My guess is that there's a good chance it will work.

Call the dealer (or perhaps another) back again. I most certainly do not recommend discussing this with a front-end service adviser because the chances they'll understand what you're talking about is almost nil. As suggested, see if you can talk to the Service Manager or Shop Foreman. Most Service Managers I've ever met have been a shop foreman at some point so they will likely have some idea where to go. If they don't understand how to accomplish what you need, ask if they will call the Technical Assistance Center. This is a group of support people in place to help technicians at GM dealerships solve problems they have been unable to manage within the dealership. They will have the answer.


Here is the screen where the programming change is made...

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I have trimmed your info down a bit and printed it so I can take with me to help them. I take it they would just need to change the bottom entry to be US and then save and it would then reset both RIM and IPM to US?
Hopefully the part about many dealers not being too smart :) LOL Yes, the country can be changed and the settings saved without the need to alter other configuration items. Changes made in the IPM are automatically updated in the Rear Integration Module as well. The RIM stores a backup copy of the configuration information.

There are some countries that can be selected where the DRL's will not come on at all. The problem is that these countries also have different theft deterrent requirements and selecting them may cause other unpredictable behaviour.


I knew they could be turned off, permanently, because some countries do not allow them, but hoped it was a setting all by itself.

It's to the point, I don't even notice how habitually I flick them off at start-up, usually before the engine actually catches. Still annoying to have to do that, however.
Selecting "Europe" will do it, but like I said, I'm not sure what other odd behaviour might start. I'm a supporter of DRL's because I've personally seen them do exactly what they are supposed to do.
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Yeah the parts about staff not being super smart.. so what does IPM stand for? You told s what RIM stands for...
IPM - Instrument Panel Module.

I guess it's perhaps not so much that they aren't that smart as much as I have the expectation that they should know more about these vehicles than I do as someone who is not a licensed technician. The deer in the headlights look just doesn't work for me.
In my opinion I'd say that changing the country is maybe 15 minutes at most. As for the fob issue, I'd think it shouldn't be more that another 45 minutes best guess if the tech isn't familiar with the procedure (since I've not done this part before). They'll of course charge you for the time to walk out, find your car, drive it to the bay, build the car in the system and so on... I think 1.0 is top/reasonable but they may feel a little more time is justifiable. You can always drive to Canada and I'll do it for you :)
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