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Reprogramming Canadian car to be configured as US

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Well this came up in the FOB programming thread and I figured I would bring it to the front in hopes that more people would see it that may normally ignore the FOB thread(s)

I have a Canadian spec car. It has now been imported into the US. Being Canadian specd that means I cannot program fobs among other things. It has been mentioned that I should be able to go to a dealer that has a Tech2 and they can reconfigure it as a US car. I just called one dealer and it was like I was speaking martian to him. "ahh I don't think that is possible or where to even look" and that is one of the big chevy dealer's in the area. /facepalm..

Does anyone have any experience or hard data on that? Even better would be info on where in the tech 2 they would need to go in it to do this..
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Born and Raised in US, just bought this car from Canada..

I never realized it was an issue until the car was already in customs, and he had never exported/imported a vehicle before. If I had realized it was a problem I would have, or at least mailed him the spare FOB I bought and had him program it in as part of the deal and been none the wiser.. But that is just not how my luck rolls..
Thanks a ton guys. Yes I spoke with a front line guy and he did not know but stated he would talk to his Svc Manager today about it. The challenge is I am not sure I was able to relay exactly what is needed. I was talking with a GM dealer in hopes they might be a bit cheaper than the Caddy dealer, they are also much closer to home.

Ddalder, thanks a ton for the extra info, that should help quite a bit! I have trimmed your info down a bit and printed it so I can take with me to help them. I take it they would just need to change the bottom entry to be US and then save and it would then reset both RIM and IPM to US? I figure worth a shot! I may very well have them reprogram the 2 fobs I have since they are in there as you mentioned previously. Then when I get home I can test the door lock and see if it will let me add a 3rd and be sure to report back to everyone.
Yeah the parts about staff not being super smart.. so what does IPM stand for? You told s what RIM stands for...

Yeah DRL's are not issue for me, in fact my last car was also a canadian car and had DRL. Then the PCM gave out and the replacement must have been US as the DRL's no longer came on.. Yeah up here in grey and rainging land DRL's are literally life savers. Can't tell you how often I see older cars before DRL driving around a 5am in rain without any lights on. /facpalm Better yet when they are a grey or silver car.

It is the FOB programming I am after primarily, but if going to pay to have that done, probably cost the same to have the car changed over anyway and then do it all myself for as long as I own it...
Doesn't work for the deer either most of the time :p

Yeah everything has gotten that way, and guys not willing to think outside of the box or be creative to help is probably the biggest problem. Good luck going to an auto parts store and asking for the distributor for a 1967 Chevelle.. "What Mfg is that?" Used to be the guys just reach back and toss you what you need..
So I called 2 dealers, one GM one Caddy..

GM guy understood what I needed once I told him reset of IPM/RIM, but he did not know how long it would take, said it could be $59-105. He also said when I asked how much for FOB program that it would be free, so maybe have them do both at once... BUT they are only open weekdays and need car by 2pm to have done same day..

Caddy dealer had not heard of doing that before, never had anyone ask about it, said it does not matter as the car can flip from imperial to metric, so why bother... I gave him the module names, and that all takes is a tech 2, he said well I guess it can be done if you bring it in.. Shop rate $130/hr, didn't know how long it take as never heard of it before, but they are open on Saturdays...

So, Ddalder any idea what typical amount of time that should take? 30min, hour , 1.5hr? They have a Min 30min shop charge, hoping that will cover it and to me would be well worth the investement.
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