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Reprogramming Canadian car to be configured as US

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Well this came up in the FOB programming thread and I figured I would bring it to the front in hopes that more people would see it that may normally ignore the FOB thread(s)

I have a Canadian spec car. It has now been imported into the US. Being Canadian specd that means I cannot program fobs among other things. It has been mentioned that I should be able to go to a dealer that has a Tech2 and they can reconfigure it as a US car. I just called one dealer and it was like I was speaking martian to him. "ahh I don't think that is possible or where to even look" and that is one of the big chevy dealer's in the area. /facepalm..

Does anyone have any experience or hard data on that? Even better would be info on where in the tech 2 they would need to go in it to do this..
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You should call back to the dealer and ask to speak with the shop foreman and if he doesn't understand, ask him to talk to his most experienced electrical/drivability technician that does the most programming at the dealership. It may not be possible to "set it up as a US vehicle" as simple as that but on the other hand it may very well be. In my experience with importing and exporting vehicles to and from the US and Canada, the daytime running lights need to be programmed "on" for Canada and the US like to be able to read "passenger airbag" on the indicator light instead of the picture and I have never run in to any "US" or "Canada" in setting vehicles/modules up for either or.

Now as far as programming fobs for the Canadian STS - I have only had luck using a tech2, although I do recall some sequence with the driver door lock cylinder that at least for me, never seemed to activate the learning process as it was outlined but that's just my two cents.
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