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Reprogramming Canadian car to be configured as US

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Well this came up in the FOB programming thread and I figured I would bring it to the front in hopes that more people would see it that may normally ignore the FOB thread(s)

I have a Canadian spec car. It has now been imported into the US. Being Canadian specd that means I cannot program fobs among other things. It has been mentioned that I should be able to go to a dealer that has a Tech2 and they can reconfigure it as a US car. I just called one dealer and it was like I was speaking martian to him. "ahh I don't think that is possible or where to even look" and that is one of the big chevy dealer's in the area. /facepalm..

Does anyone have any experience or hard data on that? Even better would be info on where in the tech 2 they would need to go in it to do this..
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There are some countries that can be selected where the DRL's will not come on at all. The problem is that these countries also have different theft deterrent requirements and selecting them may cause other unpredictable behaviour.


I knew they could be turned off, permanently, because some countries do not allow them, but hoped it was a setting all by itself.

It's to the point, I don't even notice how habitually I flick them off at start-up, usually before the engine actually catches. Still annoying to have to do that, however.
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