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"Reply to Thread" problem

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Whenever I respond to a thread, as I type my response the words/letters continue to keep on typing to the right hand column. They do not stop. When I try to proofread or go back and correct anything, sometimes I have to go back a "country mile". How do I get this thing to drop down to the next line, like it would if you were in a Word document or whatever? Even as I type this, it is all on one long line.
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Mine is doing the same. I thought I had a setting screwed up. When I get near the end of the box I hit enter, than the icon will drop down to the next line.
This is a PITA. Having to hit enter reminds me of old typewriters.

Perhaps it's a conspiracy by the Mods to keep us from posting too much and rambling on!
Yeh I am seeing the same issue and it is messing with my OCD. lol
Since you're involved, CTSCHICK, maybe it truly IS a conspiracy by the Mods!
I'll second the conspiracy theory....mine wraps, no issue. :thumbsup: Pressing return also works. :thumbsup: If I type enough, I get a scollbar to scroll the window vertically. :thumbsup: It's all you scofflaws that are having trouble. :bigroll: Just for fun I wrote all of this one one line. :thumbsup:

Then I used the return button to get waaay down here in the post. :thumbsup:
...and here too :rofl:
The moderators are gonna get you. They know where you live.
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