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One of our members posted GREAT pics of replacing switches, on the
drivers door handle, BUT, there was NEVER a pic of the switches,
Are they internal ? Appreciate your comments on this, as Mine
is working sometimes,the other doors unlock, the passenger works,
FINE, but the drivers door needs the dreaded "KEY" !
Happy Motoring. :banghead: :cool2: :banghead:

This is my upcoming project, when the weather gets warmer.
So I may need to order or get the part, to do this.
Come on guys, No One ?

2005 cadillac STS AWD 1SG
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how it works:
when you get close to the door with key fob in your pocket and pull the handle, antenna in ouside handle receive signal from key fob and unlock the door.
there are 2 main reason it doesn't happen:
1) outside handle built-in antenna fails. It can be circuit short due to corrosion on contacts or antenna itself. If it antenna itself - you need a new outside handle assembly
2) switch which open the door fails due to wear buttons. Switch need to be replaced.

so, if you pull the handle and door unlock but not open - problem with the switch.
if not even unlock ( or you can open and close the door when car is unlocked, but can't when locked) - problem with antenna in handle.
also can be both problems at once.

here a good thread with pics of how to remove the handle:
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