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Replacing a master cylinder on a '92 deville

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My brother's master cylinder went out on his '92 deville. He has been to Napa and they have two different styles. His friend also informed him that since he has ABS, there are special precautions when changing it out (ie. the way you have to bleed the system). Which one does he need and is there anything different about the process of replacing it since he has ABS?
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First Of All Give Up The Napa Auto (too Expensive). Auto Zone Or Advance Auto Or Checker, If You've Got Them. The Auto Store Should Be Able To Tell Him Which One He Needs By The Info Of The Car. A Lot Of Master Cylinders Come With The Bleeding Kit Installed In The Box. If Not The Auto Store Has Them. 2 Rubber Hoses & 2 Fittings(i Bigger & 1 Smaller). Bleed The Master Cylinder Before Installing It On The Car. Put The Fittings On ,attach The Hoses, Fill Up With Brake Fluid & Hold Back Hose Into Back Chamber & Front Hose Into Front Chamber. Take A Screw Driver & Pump Piston Of Master Cylinder In & Out Until All The Air Bubbles Are Out. Make Sure To Pump Piston All The Way In & Out. Works Good If You've Got A Vise But A Brother With A Good Grip Will Do. Replace Cap & Install On Vehicle. When You Hook Up Your Lines You Might Have To Start The Car & Push The Pedal 1/2 To 1/3 Of The Way Down While Your Brother Cracks Open The Lines To Bleed Out Any Left Over Air. Alot Of People Like To Pump The Pedal Alot When Bleeding But 1 Pump At A Time Is Suffecient. Good Luck
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