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Replacing A/C Compressor on '89 Deville

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While trying to fill my system up with Freeze 12, the clutch lock up on my compressor cause the belt to squeal and smoke. This is the 2nd time it has locked up on me. The first time was about a month ago when I started the car. I was thinking it was the A.I.R pump because the bearings are going bad on that and making noise. So now that I am going to be replacing the A.I.R. pump and a/c compressor I decided to replace other items like the receiver dryer, orifice tube, belt, idler pully, maybe the tensioner, upper and lower radiator hoses (since I have to pull the radiator to get these pumps out), etc. Anyone have any advice on other items I should look at or replace and also any info on the dissasembly and reassembly to make it easier would be helpful. Thanks, Cadi197
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Buy the R-134a Retrofit kit... Also change all O-Rings to HNBR rated ones... Have a shop pull a vacuum on the system before you recharge. I retrofitted my 92 and the A/C is so freezing i have to turn it off sometimes! Also check out the "how-to video clinic" on and select Air Conditioning 101.. This video was very helpful to me!
I just had to have my compressor replaced on my '88 DeVille. They also did the orfice tube and compressor. I had the a/c conversion done a few years ago.
I didn't see an edit button. I meant to say accumulator instead of and compressor.
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