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Replacement Battery - 93

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My battery is DEAD, beyond repair. Guess that is not uncommon after 13 years. However, I cannot seem to find anyone that either has a replacement in stock or can order one.

The local parts store just says come in and we will match it but they don't seem to comprehend that it has the side vents for the vent tubes.

The AC Delco battery that was removed is 78-7yr (770A), and anyone that can tell me where to get a replacement, particularly around Orlando would be super!!!

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Bob Rich said:
The correct battery IS the ACDelco 78-7YR. They are available from all GM Dealers. However, some are reasonable with the price, some are real a**holes, so call around. Also, you can check and use their "nearest distributor" feature.
The vent system does not come with the battery, but fits properly on the 78-7YR. If any part of the vent system is damaged or suspect, the whole assembly is still available new, as is the correct polyethelyne tray underneath the battery. Let me know if you need part numbers.

Thanks Bob, all of my tubes and trays are in good shape, really appreciate the assist on the battery, I will be calling around Monday to see if anyone has one.

thanks again!
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