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I posted here (twice :banghead: ) that I was having a hesitation problem, and getting a MAP sensor fault code. Well I fInally ordered the sensor from for $46.00 and change. Installation was very easy. It took about 10 minutes, and that included getting tools. Hesitation is gone. After installing it, I started the engine, WOT to about 4,000 rpm, several times. This, in the past, would automatically throw a code. I checked the DIC, and no codes. it is a good day in Woodbridge. :thumbsup:


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weister42 said:
This is a dumb question but does your check engine light comes on when your car throws a code?
That's not a dumb question at all, in fact it's a pretty good one. The answer is that the SES light only comes on for codes that involve the engine, but not all P or PC codes will cause the SES to come on. Other codes may turn on other lights (traction, ABS, etc.) or dash messages (SERVICE RIDE CONTROL, etc.) or turn on no lights or messages at all. Taking it a little further, some codes will clear themselves after 3 ignition cycles where the same problem doesn't come back (or the system doesn't test for it), some don't clear until 50 trouble-free cycles, others don't clear at all.
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