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replaced outside temp sensor and temp still wrong

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any ideas my nav is showing 17 degrees outside and i replaced the ambient temp sensor but it is still showing the incorrect temp on the nav unit.

any ideas??
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come one guys i know better it is farnheit
Always go with the easy ones first. F or C? :)

Um...bad ground?
I'm assuming its a thermocouple which is based on 2 different types of metals joined at the tip. When the temperature changes, so does the voltage. Its either a miscalibration in you nav unit (read C or F), or perhaps theres a different type of wire being used. I know when I worked with thermocouples in grad school we had to use a specific type of wire to connect it to the readout. If there is a different type of wire (repaired?) or solder being used, then that could also cause a false reading.
i put in the new sensor and it is still doing around the same readings.

my ac isnt working the best. so i am going through the checklist on the service manual for "too hot in vehicle"
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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