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Replace the EBTCM in 96 SLS with used one from 96 STS. ABS light went off and seems like first gear returned but now I have codes I didn't have before. The codes are:
PC1602 - loss of EBTCM serial data - history
PC1644 - Deliverd torque output circuit - history
PZ2042 - Loss of seerial comunications - ABS/TCS - current

The used part has 30 day exchange. Is the STS and SLS the same or does the EBTCM need to be from an SLS. The vin number of the STS was higher than 826978. Am I susposed to do some sort of master reset once I replace the EBTMC. I tried to clear the codes but that did not work. Now the ABS light is off but the traction control light is on. Also the OBD show "No TCS Data". Please help!
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