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Man, I'm glad we have such knowledgable guys on here! I just bought a 2001 Deville. It was a lease vehicle so I'm suspect it doesn't have the "Bose" package. What I would like to do here is keep the Stock stereo, and add a 10" sub woofer and amp into the mix. Maybe even upgrade the stock speakers. How different was the Non-Bose systems compared to the AC/Delco units? Does it change how complicated the wiring is. I mean they both have factory amps right? Is it feasable to use the factory head unit, and add better speakers and add an amp or two, or does this create too many problems to be cost effective. I wanted to keep the stock head unit because I didn't want to tempt the criminal element that is omni-present in our area, but I do want crisp clean sound, and some bass. Please advise if this is do-able or not. If I must buy a new head unit, I will, but it is not my preference as that would defeat the illusion I am trying to create. I mean what stereo crook would wate their time on a stock stereo right? I happens, but not as much as great looking head units.
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