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Repairs this summer!!

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I have a 97 Catera with 84,000 miles and thought I would post some of the repairs we had to do this summer. The car is paid off but Im wondering if I should keep it.

New third party radio and fixed wires on the harness $200
Valve cover gaskets and Cam shaft cover gaskets $772
New Radiator $350 - I installed myself.
Hot Water Valve $284
Ignition Cylinder $388
New Battery $70

Still needs rear window regulator and rear speaker.

Im sure there's more but I cant think what they are right now. :cookoo:
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what do you mean by ignition cylinder?
I just thought I fixed my caddy. i replaced the igniton coil pack and the 1-3-5 back of wires for a misfire.

It worked great for a couple days and now the misfire is back...
Ready to send it to the scrap yard!!!!
what do you mean by ignition cylinder?
Where you put the key, it comes out of the steering column and you can replace it. One day I put the key in and nothing was there like it was stripped out.
of course.. how stupid of me.
I was just thinking maybe it's something I missed.
I just hope that the $500 I spent on parts are still ok. I don't want to spend that again.
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