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I'm homesick, tonight is Oktoberfest in my childhood town of Remsen, IA.

32nd Annual Oktoberfest in Remsen is a town wide festival with incredible amounts of Luxembourg foods and good times for everyone who attends.

Oktoberfest is Bavarian entertainment with Polka Bands, a Beer Garden, an Arts and Crafts show and a large Family Style ethnic Luxembourger meal served by Remsenites in Bavarian apparel.
We invite everyone to visit northwest Iowa and share the good times at Remsen Oktoberfest! Starting with humble beginnings in 1974, Remsen's Oktoberfest now serves over 2,500 people the last Saturday in October

Luxembourg & German Menu
*Luxembourg Treipen
*German Potato Salad
*German Kraut

American Menu
*Roast Beef
*Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
*Cole Slaw

I try to make it every other year, but this is the odd year in which I'm not there :banghead: . I can't wait until I get my yearly beer stine though!
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