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Removing the standard black brake duct from 08' CTS.

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I just purchased an 08' CTS4, and plan to replace the standard black front brake duct's grill with the upgraded chrome version.
I saw one link that stated the grill is just held in by 3 retaining clips ? It seems this is a fairly common upgrade, so can anyone give me a quick course on removing the old and installing the new ?
Thanks for the info.
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I actually purchased the chrome bezel's over the weekend and installed them. I opted not to install the fog lights themselves, rather just the bezels.
I got the set for about $ 90.00 including shipping .
The install was a bit more involved then what others have said here, but their in and they look great.
Thanks for the information though.
There are three clips that hold the piece in place. Two are a spring loaded type , the third is actually a small bolt.
You will need to access the clips / bolt from under the car, and by removing a flexible plastic cover.
Once you can get a visual of the clips / bolt, undo the bolt, and by using a little force, the old bezel should pop out.
Installing the new chrome piece takes a little patience to figure out the proper way for it to slide into place. You need to sortof slide the piece in from left to right, aligning the clips up, then once they are aligned, it will pop into place. It takes a bit of force and the right alignment, but once you have it figured out, it pops right in and stays secure. You will need to secure it with the bolt as well.

I opted not to try and do all the wiring to utilize the fog light set up, but found a set of the small round mirrors , glued them into place and you cant tell the difference .

Once i figured everything out, it took me about an hour to remove and replace the set.
Definately makes all the difference in the apprearance of the front end.
the chrome set cost me $ 90.00 with shipping from ROCKHOUSE autoparts.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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