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Removing Steering Wheel Column

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Could you guys tell me how to do this? I don't even see where to start..

My turn signal has been broke for a year now. I got it "fixed" yesterday, but it broke again after about 30 minutes. The mechanic had fixed it to the point that the turn signals worked but the high beams did not. He said something about needing a metal piece in the back of the switch.

When he finished the repair it was hard to switch the signal between left and right flashers and eventually it snapped. I kinda knew it wasn't fixed because the turn signal isn't supposed to feel that stiff.

If you guys tell me how to remove the steering wheel, then I can go to Pick a Part and remove the parts I need and have the mechanic install them. The guy at the wrecking yard wanted to sell me the whole column but then I'd have to switch the ignition and get new keys, right?

I also need to know how to remove the air bag. I had to remove the fuse to the horn since it kept beeping on its own. Come to find out, my air bag is faulty.
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Before taking the airbag off, remove related fuse and disconnect the battery. Place the bag with its face up in a secure place.
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