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I want to remove (as in remove permanently, so not replacing) the heated and power folding passenger side (1/3rd) of the 2nd row bench seat of my escalade 2007 ESV. What exactly are the consequences regarding the cables that remains disconnected?

Will I get errors or warnings or other problems such as an interrupted ground that is shared by other things with all wiring to the back?

People asking questions on the "why" of this. To not pay the very high road taxes here in Belgium I want to change the Escalade to an RV, very spartan, and just to comply with regulations for that, which are: a non removable bed, a non-removable place to cook and tap water, a sink and a foldaway table and storage room, all accessible from the seating area of the RV. So the idea is, to remove that seat and put a small mini kitchen (25cm sink, 12v water pump, 5L fresh water can, 5L grey water can and a small camping stove, all in place of the chair that I will remove. If I will ever use that equipment is another story, maybe not, but it doesn't matter.
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