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Remove previously paired Bluetooth phones

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The previous owner of my 2011 Escalade EXT left his phone paired to the Bluetooth system. Is there anyway to remove it?

It appears that the Bluetooth system is 100% voice controlled, and to remove a phone you have to not only say the name of the phone, but you also have to sound exactly like the person who paired it (which obviously I can't modify my voice to sound like the previous owner). I even tried just recording him saying his phone name and playing it back to the system for removal and it won't work. This is really annoying considering I've had the vehicle for like 6 months now and still can't remove the PO's phone... I've looked online and can't find anything so far. If anyone knows how to do this please help!!!
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I've tried this and it doesn't work. The problem is when it prompts you to say the name of the phone you want to delete, it will only accept the similar sounding voice of who stored the phone. The PO of my Escalade stored it just as "phone" but it's his voice, not mine. So I cannot remove it that I know of.
FYI I got this resolved. There is no simple fix for this, I had to take it to the dealer and they erased the PO's phone from memory (I assume they must have had to take the box out and reset it or otherwise perform some sort of special manufacture reset that). The guy at the dealership was pretty frustrated with it.

To anyone selling one of these vehicles- please have the courtesy to unpair your phone from it to avoid this! lol
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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