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Remove previously paired Bluetooth phones

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The previous owner of my 2011 Escalade EXT left his phone paired to the Bluetooth system. Is there anyway to remove it?

It appears that the Bluetooth system is 100% voice controlled, and to remove a phone you have to not only say the name of the phone, but you also have to sound exactly like the person who paired it (which obviously I can't modify my voice to sound like the previous owner). I even tried just recording him saying his phone name and playing it back to the system for removal and it won't work. This is really annoying considering I've had the vehicle for like 6 months now and still can't remove the PO's phone... I've looked online and can't find anything so far. If anyone knows how to do this please help!!!
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I have a similar issue with my 2011 coupe. It worked fine until I deleted the previous owners list. Ever since then, when I try to store a number with a name tag, it takes note of the number that I give, it repeats the number to confirm it, then it asks me to give it a name tag and not to mention any numbers, then immediately signs of with a goodbye thank you without recording anything.. ? I've tried to delete any other list or paired phones that may be lingering in there.. somewhere..? But it tells me there are no list. I've re-paired my phone to the system. Now, calling out with a (digit dial) call works fine. Before deleting the list, I could (store number) call out using name tags.. It was working perfectly well ! When you call GM for tech support, they are at a lost and suggest that I bring it to the dealer.. I'm 100 percent sure that all it needs is a reset..
Anyone.. ?
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