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Remote Starter or Keyless Entry Not Working?

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I just got a 1984 Coupe Deville for $500 from a lady who's parents had passed away. The car sat for a good six years, it drove fine in 1999 and was mostly under a gable type garage. I just got a battery for it yesterday went to crank it over and it it started right up after six years of sitting. The guy told me that at some point (as with all of these 4.1 L engines) a head gasket blew and a new engine was put in by Cadillac, I am not sure what engine he said Northstar? So anyways the car has a remote starter I think, it says it does in the engine compartment. I have the remote, but am not sure what it does or how this works. There is a switch that says on and off near the brake pedal. I have no clue since it did not come with a manual. If anyone could give advice. The remote is square with two buttons one button has a II and the other a I with a red light. Thanks
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Nevermind, I just got it to start unexpectidly while pushing and holding the button lol
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