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For about a year my Automatic Relese for the parking brake has been broke. Ive also had a intermittent A/C issue where air would divert from the vents to the defrost position. The A/C issue really wasnt a problem till i had an induction service done. It go so bad that i basicly no longer Had A/C. So today i started at the Park brake with my Vac gabuge and ran all the way thru the dash and ended right at the nipple on the Throttle Body , where i was still getting 0 vaccum , thats right ZERO at the throttle body. Now bumping the throttle would cause vaccum on this nipple to go from zero to a more acceptable 13 .....

Thinking i had a throttlebody or intake manifold leak i proceeded to plug some lines and also retorque all bolts . Before i went any further i decided to get readings from all vaccum nipples on the TB , right next to the nipple i selected was getting 18 , damn good . I traced this line out and found that this line is the one i bypassed when i replumbed the system 1 year ago. I cant remeber why i did that , but i did . Nothing has ever been ampuatated ,i probably condesed some of the tees down or something. At any rate the nipple delivering 18 was delivering to nothing , i capped the low vaccum rate nipple and plugged the A/C and accessory supply to the one that supplied the 18. And removed the large loop i created with vaccum line 1 year ago (why did i do that :cookoo: )

As a bonus ....i got my parking brake back ....

Moral of the story , when your working with the vaccum lines , remeber not all of the nipples on the throttle body are produceing the same specs of vaccum , it is pretty important to put them all where there supposed to be ...

the car is , as im now very proud to say 100% ......No leaks , no creeks , 100% factory spec .....litterally nothing left on my list .....this is nice ......

excpet that i ordered a new park brake diaphram thinking mine was blown ....guess ill cancel that ....LOL
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