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Refrigerant leak, in front of Radiator shroud.. on the little hose

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Hello... while inspecting my car I noticed the little hose that belongs to the AC was bubbling and it looks oily.

MY AC is still pretty cold but I'm sure I'm losing refrigerant. Could someone please let me know what my plan of action should be?

Thanks in advance!
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Are you absolutely positive that is an A/C line Alex? Looks like a simple spring type clamp on it. A/C lines have too high of pressure for those. A/C lines are usually crimped. If it were an A/C line and you could see bubbling, your refrigerant would be gone by now and your A/C would not be cooling. That looks more like a coolant line to me.
I showed it to my neighbor the shadytree mechanic, and he said it's the transmission oil cooler (I didn't know I had the one in the radiator, AND that one).

He said to buy a different clamp because that's the problem. ha! thanx... do u have a separate transmission oil cooler in front of the radiator/ac condenser? I know I have transmission oil cooler on the side tank of the radiator I didn't know about the other one. Thanx! I feel better.
No, I don't , but some do. That sounds more logical. I was going to mention trans line, but I was not sure what kind of pressures they run.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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