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red tag/ employee price history?

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A little while back, there was the red tag sale, then the employee pricing... not sure which one came first, but it doesn't matter now.

I was wondering during these sales, was the cts-v included on these discounts?

Is there anything going to be comming up in the years to come that offers this type of discount again?
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It was included in the employee pricing. From what a dealer told me, it wasnt the best price they have ever offered on a V though. He said something about 5000 cash rebates or something along those lines.
CTS-V's burn't through the standard 'hot item' exemption period very early in the 2005 Calandar year 2005 (I bought mine at GMS, in Feb 2005). It is my understandin that they have been pretty much included in all promo's since.

That 'best deal' scenario, was over last X-Mas I believe. There was some 4k promo if you got a Caddy with a Nav System. All V's have them, so bingo, insta 4k deduction (This is an approx recolection).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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