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Red or Black 1987 SPID?

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If your 1987 Allante is factory Red or factory Black exterior paint, could you post a photo of your Service Parts Identification (SPID) label?

The label is adhered to the inside of your spare tire tub, just to the left of your spare tire.

I'm verifying the RPOs, as I don't believe Red was 47U and I'm really not sure what Black was. Those two colors were not listed as available in the 1987 dealer brochure.

Thank you!
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Allanté Colors & Quantities Report
1987 Colors & Quantities:
Pearl White (55U) = 1,487
Silver Metallic (30U) = 1,342
Gold Metallic (45U) = 402
Maroon Metallic(43U) = 132
Total = 3,363
Thank you!

On another post of mine, an attachment from another member listed hundreds of red and black 1987 Allantes being built. Is that not correct?

(I realize that the dealer brochure does not list red or black as a color choice - that was the reason for my original post question!)

Help! Confused!
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