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Recommendations? Cooling problem on the 22RE in the '86 4Runner.

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So its summer. The top is off the truck. It's HELLA fun. (Yea, I'm from Northern California)

Drives on the highway of 65+ or in overly hilly or mountainous terrain the temp slowly creeps up and worries me. Seems to come down in I slow down to 60-65 or crank the heater. Sometimes downshifting to fourth instead of fifth helps.

Once in a while, about one in twenty cold starts, it'll run up to hot, by the gauge, then go back to normal operating temperature.

I'm worried because its my only form of transportation right now.

It leaks a tiny bit of coolant, maybe a quart a month, through a small pinhole in the fill tube. Runs great, shifts fine, passed emissions with flying colors even though its got almost 400,000 miles on it.

Around town it is perfect, never seems to get hot at all.

Heater works, heater core doesn't leak or smell funny like I've heard is a problem on these right before the radiator craps out.

What d'ya'll think? Where should I look first? I have a lot of plans this summer that include the 'Yota and an hour or two hour or three hour drive through the mountains with a bike or a kayak in the back and I don't want to get stuck on the side of the road.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Did you check the Thermostat? Is the waterpump noisy?

Those engines are pretty indestructable so I am guessing it is something minor.
Head gasket isn't uncommon to replace on the 22re, but it sounds more like a blockage to me.

Replace radiator.
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Head gasket isn't uncommon to replace on the 22re, but it sounds more like a blockage to me.

Replace radiator.
See if there is a 'desert cooler' available for your model. Larger capacity radiator.
K..that's what I was thinking, radiator.

I havn't really checked anything yet. Water pump isn't noisy, it was replaced back in January. One of these days I'm going to have to get out of work and spend some time on the thing. I'll look into the desert cooler...definately would like a big heavy duty radiator for it. I've looked for an alumunim one, like the one in my Challenger, but havn't yet found a 'yota version.
I would definitely change out the thermostat as a first measure, since that's a cheap and easy fix. You might also run some Prestone cooling system flush through it as well.
Send it to the crusher and buy a CHEVY truck!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmm...Nah. I'll pass.

I get twenty miles a gallon around town, the top comes off so its a convertible truck, I fit in it, both knees and head (chevies are tiny inside. I've had an 83, an 85, a 94, a 99 and a 2003. All were tiny with no leg room), it has four hundred thousand miles on it and this is the first problem it has ever had, it can outwheel any stock chevy truck I've ever seen, its narrower and shorter so I can fit it more places, its got a back seat, it cost me two grand to buy, it doesn't depreciate at all, it probably will even go UP in value if I don't wreck it, its cheaper to insure and its got a five speed. I think I'll stick with my li'l foreign car.


And if I WAS to go with a fullsize truck, it'd be a Power Wagon.
Spyder, your that a two door or a four door? From your description, it sounds like the Japanese K5 Blazer or Bronco.
Yeeup, pretty much is the same. It's a two door. Just like the Bronco, but smaller in all ways with better mileage. :) Awesome truck, really...GREAT fun and it comes with a factory rollbar!
Just FTR...the 85 is the god of 4Runners. Solid front axle, fuel injected, some of them even had the big motor V6 and a sunroof, some were even turbo'ed...but the turbo ones were all automatics.

84 is carb'd and 86 (mine)-89 are IFS. Thinking real hard about a solid axle swap on mine...
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