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recharging airconditioning (96 deville)

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hi everyone.i just replaced the ac condensor in my 96 deville.i was wondering how many pounds 134a and oil charge i needed to recharge the system?i was looking for a tag under the hood but if one was there its gone.the autoparts stores and the dealer cant seem to give me a straight answer.the dealer told me they didnt know.the truth about that is they didnt want to look it up.see if i go to them for anything lol.i can do everything else i just need to know how much goes back in.thanks everyone in advance.
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If that is the only component you replaced you'll likely want to add about 2 oz. of PAG oil and most of those systems of that era used about 2.0 pounds of R-134a.
Only way to look it up is in the book, some folks don't even know how to use the books anymore.
I have one at work, but I am still at home.
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thanks for the reply.i have a repair manual on the car but dont have a fsm.i couldnt find anything on the max charge there unless i overlooked it.there is alot more to a fsm than there is to the repair manual.i need to buy one.
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