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We purchased our 2014 certified XTS luxury version last month and have really enjoyed the car so far. We were looking for a large sedan that would provide a good ride, carry plenty of luggage and tow a small boat & trailer (this last criteria was a real problem for most cars and I did not want an SUV). We looked at the Hyundai Genesis (could not tow any trailer at all), BMW 335 Tdi (again, no tow capacity and the wife hated the seats), Lincoln MKS, Chrysler 300 and finally the Caddy.

Frankly, before we drove the Cadillac XTS, we had not been impressed with the other cars and did not really expect the Cadillac would be much different. However, on the long test drive, we were both amazed at the quiet ride, fabulous interior, good gas mileage and the large trunk. Plus, it could tow the trailer (rated up to 1,000 pounds). We returned to the dealer, and got a wonderful deal and bought it immediately. I even like the CUE system, which after a short learning curve, provides some great features.

No regrets after 2,000 miles -- this is a great car and I look forward to many more miles in the future.
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