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Haven't seen that. Dunno if I (personally) would DIY. I would probably take it to an upholstery shop.
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So I decided to tackle this today. It was very straightforward and I've attached some pics. All of these steps are not necessary, but I've included some pictures and instructions for future use as the self-help database for these cars is lacking. In fact, if you're careful enough, you won't even have to remove the back-of-seat cover.

To remove the back-of-seat cover, first unhook the elastic straps at the very bottom. They simply slide over the grates of the bottom seat frame. Then, pull the back straight off towards you from bottom to top. You can see the straps at the bottom and a kind of hook at the very top behind the headrest, but it also pulls straight out.

Automotive lighting Automotive design Luggage and bags Motor vehicle Hood

Next, I removed the harness pass-through through some light pulling. Take your time and be careful. I did not break anything.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Wood Bicycle part

Here is what I was left with
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Gesture

I tried some adhesive which proved unsuccessful, then I tried some staples which suffered the same fate. I ended up using some trim screws in key places, and even added some to prevent future pulling/tearing (forgot to get pics of my passenger seat, but after I completed those repairs I noticed some pulling on the driver side as well. Someone had already been in there that had the same thinking as me, hence the adhesive and staples). It was difficult to clamp with one hand while lining up the screw gun with the other, but this area is all hidden once the harness pass-through is reinstalled. You can see the additional screw I added on the other side.

Luggage and bags Automotive design Bag Automotive exterior Personal luxury car

Once the material was secure, I simply reinstalled the pass-through cover and snapped the back of the seat back on
Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive tire Grey Personal luxury car

And here are some additional pictures others may need for reference

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle door

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover


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