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Call Lisa McKellips at Magna Donnelly. (616) 786-7171.

I got a my '93 OEM rearview mirror replaced at no charge.

The replacement is nice but not quite as nice as the original.

Being a bit anal I wasn't pleased with the switches (kinda cheap push-buttons) and the frame shape.

The '93s interior IMO is kinda squared off (ie, square buttons, rectangular DIC panel and dash etc. The original mirror is very rectangular too. Its styling fits the interior's theme. Unfortunately the replacement mirror is more oval than rectangular but it WAS free and apparently the only current replacement available so it'll have to do but I wish they could've repaired my OEM mirror and returned it.


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I had my RVM replaced by Donnelly last year. It worked out well, but took some repeted calls and assurance that the connectors would work. The replacement was free, but took some time. If your mirror has spots on it, remove it NOW. Don't want to ruin the interior with the fluid leaking out.
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