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Rear window not working

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Suddenly today I went to put the rear windows down and one didn't work at all. The last time I tried they both worked fine.

Is this a regulator problem? Do they just do that? I was under the impression they started making noise or the window would come off the track or something.

Any ideas?
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Sounds like it or maybe it is just stuck. Take the door panel off and do a visual it is not very hard and if you need help just ask me. I just did my two front motors and window guides so I could give you some tips.
I'd be surprised if it is the regulator. The car has very low miles and the rear windows rarely get used.

How does the door panel come off. I'll take a look.
Interestingly enough I started the car today and the window in question worked fine, or so I thought. When I open and close the door it affects weather the window works or not. I suspect a loose connection inside somewhere.

OK next step. How does the door panel come off. I know there is a great thread in the tech section on this but sometimes the search doesn't like me.
Hopefully its in the door, but I would also suspect the body wiring harness between the door and the pillar.
Yea could be a loose connection or bad switch. The door panels are secured with pastic fasteners and only a few screws. First under the door pull handle you will have two screws, then remove your switches and under there you should have two more plus the wire connections. Last but not least you need to pop out the red and white lights from the door and you will have one more screw inside each after that you can start pulling the panel off. The fasteners will pull out and replace any broken ones before reinstalling.Once the panel is off now you can get to all the rivets that holds your regulater and window motor in place.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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