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Here is a picture of the aftermarket part numbers for our rear suspension bushings. Keep in mind that the sts shares the rear knuckle with cts and srx. Example, I could not find trailing arm knuckle bushings listed anywhere, but did for the cts and installed them with no issues. I just ordered the inside trailing arm bushing (CDAB-009) from this pic by searching the part number and finding it on walmart. I will see how it goes, but this at least lists all the bushings that gm doesn't want to sell you, so you have to buy the whole part. I assume they are the correct size, but will not know for sure unless I or someone else gives it a try. The outer lower control arm knuckle bushing and shock bushing are available for the sts no problem, so you can get ac delco if you prefer on those. Creative steel and other places sell awesome bushings for the cts-v. Some of them should interchange with the sts, like the knuckle bushings. I have not bought those and cannot confirm, but should work in theory.


Also Transmission mount ..... The part the gm sells is a delphi 25771880. I ordered a Westar EM5665 which is supposed to be the aftermarket equivalent and they sent me a delphi 25771880 in the box with delphi sticker. I paid about $80 less than gm parts direct wanted.

engine mounts. I would suggest buying the gm mounts sold on gm parts websites as they really are not that much more than the aftermarket ones and they will fit perfect. you could also spend much more and buy the solid jams from creative steal and not have to worry about them splitting. That being said, If you are poor like me, you can buy the anchor 3149 mounts. They looked to be about half an inch higher or so, but maybe my originals were just compressed.

They installed fine and doing both motor mounts isn't as bad as it seems. just have to raise the motor until it is almost touching the strut brace and loosen and lower the subframe a few inches. remove some power steering line mount screws and remove bolt for steering joint so it can lift a little.
I would suggest doing front sway bar bushings at this time, since it will be much easier with subframe lowered. This was my second time changing them. Here is link to some sweet poly sway bar bushings I used this time, that I believe a member of this community had something to do with getting them produced. Cadillac Bushings
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