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Rear subwoofer

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I have 2000 cadillac deville. The rear subwoofer is blown. I called the dealer and was told it was 398.00 for the replacement. The speaker is made by Delco I was told. It is a 10 in. dual cone 4 ohm subwoofer and a stock part. I tried to find it on the internet but could not find it anywere. I refuse to pay 400.00 for one cheesey looking speaker. I replaced it with another fosgate but not the same sound. I have the part # 16246789. Found it on one sight on the internet but they don't carry it anymore. NEED HELP
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What exactly do you "need help" with? Finding the Delco one or what?

I added two Infinity 10's and they sound great. A Camaro I was looking at had the OEM Bose sub and I was underwhelmed. Just my pennies.
Not really in the right forum, but $197.40 @
Thanks guys thats better than 400.00 Sorry about putting it in the wrong forum. This is my first post.
I had the same exact problem. I went around thinking it was a regular 10" subwoofer. I was told that they're "free air" type woofer and that the only place to get it is from the dealership. So I went ahead and opted for 2 12" for the same price of one 10".

Pretty satisfied. :yup:
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