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Rear Spoiler for Deville DTS

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I saw one and thought it looked great- wanted to buy one, but I've seen only one style for aftermarket purchase

Anyone have this?

Do you like it's appearance.
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I don't own a Cadillac, I;m just a detail guy, but I do LOVE cars, from a by stander view why would you want to put a spoiler on such a luxury car with natural looking lines? I mean every car you see now has a spoiler, most of these rice rockets have them so high you can hand your laundry up to dry. My opinion is the car is perfect the way it is. Gary
Its a 300bhp, two tonne FWD car, they don't actually NEED a spoiler, otherwise the factory would fit them.

Dont mess with the design :cool2:
Thanks for your opinions... However, I'm looking for opinions of those who have a rear spoiler.

The one I saw looked terrific. There's about 6 gazillion retiree's in my area (SW Florida). Most of them drive Deville's... and even worse... so do their parents....

I would like my wife's Deville to stand out, and I thought the spoiler on the black Deville DTS looks great! I thought it was tastefull, elegent, and added a sporty flair. If you disagree, fine by me:cool2:

I'm looking for those with rear spoilers to find if there's only one aftermarket spoiler available... as I can only find one.


~Ben might have what you're looking for in their accessories section. FWIW, the ones I've seen lately on the japscraps all look like Easter Egg basket handles!!!!!
Thanks Frost, they had one I have not seen anywhere else :)
Hey, if you like it, get it. That is what I did. I got negative feedback from others, but the decision was ultimately mine. I am glad I got one. I think it finished off the rear of the car. But to each his own.

Everyone knows that with the weight/dimensions/bulbous-ness (word?) and front wheel drive config of Devilles, any kind of spoiler on the back would be, at best, a "nod" towards esthetics. Some guys love 'em, alot hate 'em. Personally, I think that if they could come up with one that truly looked integrated ie; coming from the pen of one of GMs designers, one that blended in with the linear delineations of the rest of the arse end of the car, then it would be a big seller.

I remember waaaaaay back, around 1969, when Chrysler had a monster of a big car - Monaco Royale, or some such thing (not the Imperial, but close - certainly as big as one), and they had Hurst do one of his dress-up packages on it.

It was truly done tongue-in-cheek, 'cuz the Monaco was anything BUT a barn burning musclecar and it had the famous Hurst Gold paint stripe details, a goodly sized hood scoop (or two), and the most AMAZING spoiler on the arse end. It came up from the very end sides of the rear fenders and gracefully crossed over the trunk, back to the other fender. The whole thing measured maybe 2 1/2 inches or so high at it's centre. It was cool. Very, very, cool. The '69/70 Buick GS Stage 1 cars also had somewhat integrated spoilers and they were able to pull it off without looking silly.

And what made it look so damn cool on the Monaco was that it was fullyintegrated into the rest of the car - there was no way it could be mistaken for an add-on - or even worse, an afterthought. Even though it actually was both,,,,,,
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did some more digging re: that chrysler product - it was a chrysler 300 Hurst model, 1970,.
Many cars don't have spoilers for a reason. Take for example, my current driver, a Subaru SVX. During the extensive design stages, there was no mention of a spoiler. Somwhere between the drawing board and the production line, someone decided to add an optional spoiler. The spoiler really doesnt look like it's meant to be there, and by an areodynamics standpoint, it isnt. All the spoilers on theese cars get chips, knicks, and peels off the paint on the front edge from objects and road debreis hitting them.
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