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Here is how to fix the rear shade in your cadillac deville. Mine is a 2000 DHS.

Tools you will need:
1/2 inch wrench - preferably one with a ratcheting box end.
18mm socket with ratchet
Large regular screw driver
Assortment of Torx screwdrivers

Here is how I fixed mine and saved $1100.

1. Lift out bottom rear seat cushion and remove from vehicle to expose battery.
2. UNHOOK negative cable from battery. Please do this step. You are working right by the side airbags and if one goes off you are going to be injured or out all the money for a new airbag.
3. Take your 18mm socket and remove the 2 bolts holding down the seat belts and rear back rest. Make sure you pay attention to how the seat belt clips are positioned for reassembly.
4. Reach down behind a head rest and feel for a large metal clip. Once you find it get your large screwdriver and push the clip down to compress the clip. This takes a fair amount of force. At the same time pull that section of the seat out towards you. The seat in that area should come out about an inch or 2 towards you. There are 3 more clips you have to do the same thing to.
5. Once the back rest is loose, just slide it down. Dont attempt to remove it.
6. You should be able to see 2 black plastic fasteners on the carpeted portion of the rear deck. These just pull out.
7 now wiggle the carpet out of the rear deck.
8. You should be able to see the rear shade now pretty well. There are 2 bolts securing it to the rear deck. One on each side. Use your 1/2 inch wrench to remove these 2 bolts.
9. Lift the rear shade out and unhook the power wire.


now you need to do some diagnosing. Is there anything obviously wrong with it by inspection?

Try unhooking the aluminum arms by removing the retaining clips with a screw driver. Then pull the shade out by hand. Is it sticky? Lube up both rails with some good silicone spray grease. Then without reattaching the arms plug it back in and the battery and see if the motor moves.

If the motor moves it, you may be finished. reassemble and try again.

If the motor does not move, you may need to unscrew the gear box. When I did this I did not realize there is a big spring inside that does not like to be disturbed. I opened it up and stuff shot all around the kitchen. When it was open I noticed that the brown plastic gear had teeth that were worn. I reassembled the gears and put the bad teeth away from the motor drive.

If your spring flies out, here is how to try and fix it. Look at the spring and the metal gear and notice how they fit together. Put both of them into the gear box. The metal gear should lay nice and flat on top of the spring. There is a screw on the side that will need to be loosened. It stops the spring from uncoiling. With the metal gear and spring inside the gear box, turn the gear with some good pliers one full turn clockwise. The flat part of the gear nob should eventually end up pointing directly at one of the screw holes. They way I was holding it, it was the screw at 7:00 on a clock. I had the motor pointing to the right when I was doing it.

Now that you have the spring wound to 7:00 insert the metal pin for the plastic gear and then insert the plastic gear. If your teeth are worn make sure to put the wore part farthest from the motor drive.

It may be a good idea to spray some of that silicone grease onto the gear teeth.

Put the cover back on making sure that the metal pin for the plastic gear fits in the little hole provided for it on the top cover.

You will probably need a buddy or 2 to help you wind the spring and put everything back together.

when reassembling be very careful of the airbags. I spent about 3 hours doing this job, put everything back together only to find out that the airbag system now stopped working. I had to take the seat out again and find out what happened. Fortunately I just knocked a wire loose when I was putting the back rest of the seat in.

I hope this helps someone. I searched this whole forum looking for instructions on how to fix it without much luck. One guy told everyone to buy a factory service manual. Hey thanks, that would negate the need for this whole forum in the first place.

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Thank You very, very much for this detailed fix on the rear shade. I'm sure it will help a lot of rear shade owners save a lot of money from the dealer's price. The Dealers don't even want to fix this problem they just want you to order a new shade. I will attempt to fix mine when I get some time. A big Thanks once again.

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I must say I got a bit of a chuckle about your description of opening the gearbox in the reminded me of a time long ago, fixing a wind-up toy for my son...
Very helpful post !!
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