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Rear seat lower cushion removal 79 Sedan deVille?

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Is it possible the build sheet for my car is inside of it somewhere? How does the rear seat lower seat cushion come out? I understand the build sheet may be hiding under there?! Thanks!!! Dave
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Who needs a build sheet when you have an RPO label?

I give unto you the keys to the Promised Land. Lock up when your done.
The build sheet is nice to have because it has the date of manufacture, the plant where built, the name of the dealer the car went to.

To get that seat out, put the front seats forward, and crawl in the back facing the rear. Push back on the bottom of the seat cushion. It will pop up. You will see how it is attached once it is out.

On all the cars I have found build sheets in, they have been in the springs of the front passenger seat.
I just snaked something out of my driver's seat that looks like a build sheet. It got mangled, but is still readable.

It doesn't seem to have any information on it, other than what I already deciphered from the RPO. Unless someone can see a hidden Julian date.
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Yep, that's it! The last two I got were out of a 71 and a 75, so the data is a little different...
WOW! That is cool! I was able to get my back seat out - thanks for the instructions! No build sheet however. I couldn't see one under the front seats either. There was a ton of the original clear plastic pre-delivery covering under the seats however. Who else can find these build sheets?? :) Dave
But is there anyway to tell the exact build day from that build sheet? Ever since I got the car and found out that she was built in April, I've wanted to know and what day of April.
Hi, Is the RPO label a sticker on the inside of the trunk lid? My 1979 does not have one. I can only guess the options on my car. I will check under the seats one more time tomorrow to see if I get lucky... :) Thanks for the responses.
I'm not sure where it is on the 79. It's on the trunk lid of my 89, but this is all of the places where GM has hid them before

1 - Underside Glove Box Cover, Center Console
2 - Top of Drive Shaft Tunnel, Under Rear Storage Compartment
3 - Drivers Side Front Wheelwell
4 - Inside Surface of Glove Box Door
5 - Rear Jam, Right Rear Door
6 - Under Trunk Lid
7 - On Spare Tire Cover Panel
8 - Under Spare Tire Cover, or Right Quarter Inner Panel
9 - Inside Jack Cover
10 - Under Rear Load Floor/ Seat Cover
11 - Left Rear Inner Trim Panel
12 - Inner Spare Tire Well
13 - Right Quarter Panel
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