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Rear Pillar Speakers - any good in big system?

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To all you audio buffs, is it advisable to hook up those rear pillar speakers (the ones near the rear window) / replace them with small 3" co-axials in a system where there are 2 x 15" subs (low power - 150w rms per sub).

1. Would the subs cancel out those speakers or "drown" the output from them (if I installed co-axials or tweeters in there it would be no more than 25wrms)?
2. Should I just leave them disconnected?
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It depends on how you use your system. I have 2 12's in the back but i run a lot more watts than you. All my interiors are in use, i DONT run any bass or mid range through my interiors only the highs. My subs take care of all the bass and mids. I can play pretty much any music and it sounds nice and balanced. I would hook them up because those small tweeters provide a lot of the backround sounds and high sounds very crispy. Just play with your EQ til it sounds right. The interiors do a good job until people have subs and also have their bass all the way up and blow them all out ( and usually still think it sounds great )
Hmmm... I was thinking of trying to fit in a 3.5" two way in there which I guess with some minor "fabrication", should be able to fit. I was wondering it would provide some nice rear staging for vocals and highs but then I thought, my rear door speakers (2 way Infinity) are so close up front that they would provide adequate vocals and SOME highs. So now I am thinking maybe I should just get some nice 1" tweeters for the rear pillars... I already replaced the front pillar tweeters with Infinity's too. What do you think?
Your absolutely right. What you have now will give you good vocals and ok highs. Adding the tweeters will give you the nice highs and all the little noises you wouldn't normaly pick up. I would say either way you choose to do it you will notice a difference i just dont think it would be a significant difference between the 3.5's or just the 1" If the 3.5's aren't a pain in the ass i would go with them but even having the 1's in there will give you a better sound.
Hi, I just checked and again and it seems like those 3.5" would be a task to install and involves cutting some of the metal on the body (behind the pillar). I decided that I do not want to hack up the body, etc. since I just got this :cloud9: lol - so I think I am just gonna go with some 1" or 2" tweeters :yup: ...

Well probably 1" because the only 2" I found around was Legacy and they are not really the best of brands or quality I think...
pcguy - keep us updated on what you decide to do and how it turns out 'cuz i am thinking about the same thing. just installed a new headunit in my 04 and planning out my attack on the speaker replacement. i was thinking about 1" in the rear pillars too to fill out the highs.
Yeah no problem - btw, I decided to just go with some 1" tweeters back there to simplify the install without hacking up the vehicle cos it looks like 3.5" speakers would require cutting the metal, etc. BTW, my Infinity 6.5" door speakers should be here during the week so I will let you know how it all sounds when I get it all done probably by this weekend... right now I am using the factory Bose speakers on the doors for mids and highs (lol) but I am not turning it up too much since my amp put outs about 55wrms @ 2ohms and I do not want to blow the Bose factory speakers lol.

BTW, did you guys know that the factory door speakers are 2 Ohms? Wow...
Update : Well I replaced all the door speakers and the front / rear tweeters and it sounds fantastic! A huge improvement over the factory Bose!

One thing I noticed though is that the rear door speakers are smaller (like 5.25" I think) and I did not know this as I was told they are all the same size (6.5") - was not a big hassle. All you gotta do is unbolt the large plastic fitting on which the speaker is mounted, remove the speaker (it is bolted on there) and use a jigsaw or something to make the hole a little bigger (I went 5mm bigger from the original hole to get my 6.5" speakers to fit).

The door panels come off really easy and once you do one, the others are a piece of cake. If you guys want, I can post a quick removal guide for that too...

I might take some pics later or when I finish building my amp mounting...
which Infinity speakers did you install.
Did you change the sub woofer also?

Can you post some links to the speakers?
Yeah sure, the infinity speakers I installed on the doors are the 6022i which is 6.5" 2.6 Ohms. The tweeters are Infinity 1021T. The two subs are Ultimate 15" Dual Coil 2 Ohms rated at about 200wrms per coil. My amplifier is a Directed Audio 5 Channel Class D amp rated at 50wrms x 4 into 2 ohms for the highs and 250wrms x 1 into 2 ohms for the Sub channel.

I know I am underpowering the subs but I like the way it sounds for being a one amp setup.
so you opted for 2-ways in the rear doors and tweeters in the rear pillars. i am thinking about components but worried that the tweeters in the pillars may not give enough sound for the middle seats where the woofers would be in the doors.
Well the tweeters in the rear pillars do provide a difference in the highs but in my opinion, I think some two way's in the rear doors would help out alot to even things out.

Honestly, it would be great if I could find some 2.5" or 2" two way speakers for the rear pillars - I think the rear staging would sound so much better would two way speakers up there although I do like the way it sounds now....
how are you powering the whole thing? i am trying to decide on what amp/amps to use to power all this. right now i have 6.5" components for the front, 6.5" 2-ways for the rear, 1" tweeters for the rear pillars, 1 10" sub in the back and considering a 6.5" midbass in the stock center console sub location. need advice on the best way to power all this.
What is the impedence / Ohm rating on the front and rear door speakers? Are you trying to use one or two amps? One five channel might do the trick if you want a simple install but it depends on the impedence of the door speakers. The Mid-bass you plan on using means that you will have to set aside a seperate channel that is adjustable on its own for that, so you do get a true midbass frequency...

BTW, I am powering the whole system with one 5 channel amp and it sounds great!
I wonder if it might be worth putting some 6x9 speakers in the doors? There would be some extra cutting of course, but the door grilles look plenty big enough to cover them up, & bigger is always better. Depth might be a issue, though.
I know for sure they would definately have a better mid-range / mid-bass response provided that they are good quality but I am not sure about the depth as you mentioned...
Wish I got in on this thread earlier...but better late than never. Check out my setup on my cardomain page

I wouldn't mind having components like that, I'd prefer to have mine behind the grill though.. Wish I could hear that set-up, bet it sounds nice
This setup is a big improvement over the stock Bose speaker setup. Can't wait to get a new headunit and amps. I'm still running the stock headunit and amps. I just added the pods and Alpine speakers.

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