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Hi Guys,

Having parked my caddy outside for 3 months during the rainy season in S. Florida, my rear light assembly that installs across the trunk, was full of water. Some of the lights and sockets are completely rusted and fused together.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Where can I obtain the correct sockets for the lights? GM wants $25.00 per socket.

2) I need sockets for the backup lights and the tail lights, The license plate lights are OK.

3) Am I correct, if looking at the rear, there is only one brake light on each side (not on the trunk assembly) the two lights on the truck assembly are tail lights? I thought I saw two filament bulbs installed.

Thanks for your reply,


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Re: Rear lights

Whole new assembly. or your local junkyards. Seal the bases of the 10 studs with duct seal (monkey shit) from any hardware store.

Here's your rear lighting diagram. 3 different types of bulb, and some vary from year and model. You might find 2 #1157 bulbs (bayonet base) in there. 12 bulbs in all. Replace every one and make sure the wiring harness and its 2 included resistors is clean and not chafing where it leaves the left hood hinge bracket - inside the plastic trim cover.


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