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Rear door panel

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Can anyone tell me how to remove door panel (rear) of 04 DeVille. Without breaking the clips. Need to replace window motor.
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While holding your leverage tool in your hand push it towards the door, do not pull it back towards yourself, this will break the edge of the door panel. when pushing directly under the tabs on the panel you will hear a loud popping noise when panel clips come disconnected. once you have them all disengaged, you will need to pull up on the door handle itself in order to disengage the two metal retainer clips behind the handle. once this is done you will need to unplug the window module plug on the inside of the panel. do not forget to remove the two metal clips from the rear of door handle in order to reinstall them when ready.
On a side note....... these motors do not go bad ever. I would have have to assume that you are doing this due to a failed window regultor ??
if so, let me know I can tell how to repair in your garage for about .10 cents and 15 mins of work, not conting reassembly
I couldnt really speak to that, I do not know what the "cotter pin" repair is ..... I use a steel nut, bolt, and lock washers
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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