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Rear door panel

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Can anyone tell me how to remove door panel (rear) of 04 DeVille. Without breaking the clips. Need to replace window motor.
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I could tell you how to remove the front, but I'm not positive that the rear is the same (never had to pull mine). Someone who has will chime in shortly. In the mean time, you might want to check the Tech Tips section.
If the front and rear are the same, then pull the gray plastic cover behind the handle (it's just velcro'd in place). Use a door panel tool (pictured below) to pop the plastic perimeter retainers. Pry up and disconnect window control (after lowering it). Pull the lock button on the door lock button and remove it. Then lift (DO NOT pull) the panel off.

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I would have have to assume that you are doing this due to a failed window regultor ??
if so, let me know I can tell how to repair in your garage for about .10 cents and 15 mins of work, not conting reassembly
If you are talking about the cotter pin repair, it's posted in the Tech Tips section.
You probably just skinned the cat a different way. Check the Tech Tips section and see if that's what you did.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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