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Does anyone have the instructions to replace the rear diffuser? I'm looking at the GMPartsDirect schematic, and I see a fastener and retainer pair (#20 and #23) that I should probably buy extras of, but I won't be 100% certain until I get in there. If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears.

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Incidentally, this is a perfect opportunity to test out some of my rear reflector mods. The rear reflectors are perfect locations for ALP pods, especially if you replace the reflectors with infrared transmitting extruded acrylic (IRT) sheets formulated to pass >90% of infrared light between 800-1000 nm. IRT comes in black and red, so my ATS-V is going to have red panels for the rear detectors to look through. In the front, I'm using black panels installed in the contoured black piece above the lower grille.

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