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Rear Differential Cover

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This question is regarding my 2012 EXT…Has anyone replaced their rear differential cover with an aftermarket cover that contains both drain and fill plugs? The aftermarket diff cover needs to clear suspension parts without modification.

(I searched this forum and only found one post that was old, and the owner had to modify the cover)

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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You want to remove it every time you do a fluid change ( should not be all that often ) to remove all the metal shavings on the magnet. Also if you see any big stuff, you have a chance to get the rear repaired before the bill gets bigger the longer you wait or don't catch the problem.

I guess if there is a cover with a drain plug with a magnet, then its a win - win !!! :yup:
Hcvone, I just purchased the following:

1. http://www.factoryauthorizedoutlet....r-compressor-w-wheels-1862?CA_6C15C=826902483
3. HVLP $30- Gravity fed Air Gun ( I fill it with Ice Car Wax ) 1 bottle lasts me almost a year, 2 cars every other week or so. This is one of he best investments I have made. After professional detail on the trucks once a year, I wash and wax with Ice. It is absolutely amaizing. It takes all of 10 min to spray the entire truck, rims glass and wipe down. It goes on so thin it is a great solution for in between details. Car Washes make $$$ 29- to $50- to spray wax.
4. Motive Power bleeder. Had this for years, works great.

I now do most of my own light maintenance, I actually enjoy it and know it gets done right.
A. Oil changes with Wix XP filters ( Same filter for SRX and Escalade )
B. Suction / Fill Power Steering every 2 years.
C. Suction / Fill / Bleed brakes every 2 years, takes 1/2 hr. per vehicle start to finish.
D. Drain Front / Rear Diff. every 3 years.
E. Transmission Filter every 3 Years. Suction / fill what came out of pan. With the above machine, I can see the exact amount I removed and refill the exact amount. Every year or 2.
F. Transfer case, drain fill every year or two. Very easy...

I also purchased 4 of those Black Ramps from Walmart / Autozone. I drive up on all four at the same time, wala my own personal level lift.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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