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Rear cup holder won't retract

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Has anyone experienced this. The rear cup holders on my 2014 XTS LUX will not retract all the way as if there is something inside preventing it from closing completely. Of course this prevents me from closing the armrest. Does anyone have a diagram on how to take the armrest apart. Just looking at it there is no indication of how to disassemble it.
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Definitely something in there. Maybe a broken clip. But you can't see in or get to it without taking it apart. It does not appear to come apart easley. Hoping someone will know the trick.
I am not sure how they are configured on a 13 but the 14 has two cup holders that extend from the armrest when you press in on the end of the rest. There is a button on top that you press to allow them to retract back in the armrest so it will fit back into the nich. That is were my problem is as the cup holder will not retract in all the way most likely due to something that is in the way inside the unit. I am trying to get some advice on how to take the armrest apart to remove the object. Most likely a retainer clip. There is nothing that I can see that indicates how to take it apart to get to the mechanism. Hopefully someone on the forum has seen this armrest apart.
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