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2004 Escalade Base AWD 6.0L
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The vehicle is 2004 Escalade Base AWD 6.0L
Rear climate control only blows hot air when set to COLD & AC. AC works very well in the front climate controls.
By doing some research I have figured out that the problem is the "Blend Door Actuator" for the rear climate, located behind the rear panelling on passenger side.
Once I replace it with a new one, apparently the computer has to recognize the new part and calibrate it.

So far what I found out this is the process for that:
- Unhook battery for 30 sec.
- Hook battery back up, turn ignition key on for 3-4 min. (do not touch climate controls)
- Start vehicle and test climate controls to see if it works.

My question is, should the front or rear climate controls be set to any specific setting prior to me starting this process ?
Auto ,AC, Heat, or it should be off?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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