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Rear camera recall

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Apparently there is this recall, but no fix yet. We purchased a 2020 xt5 sport dealer certified last week at Claude Nolan Cadillac in Jacksonville, Fla. They mentioned the recall was taken care of before delivery. Worked fine on trip back to Pa.
I didn't know there was a fix yet.
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I received notification today that the parts are now available for the recall N222378380 and I can make an appointment for repair which consists of replacing a coax cable for the rear camera. The recall is for those vehicles with Surround Vision. I received first notification in November that there is a recall but the parts were not available at that time. My XT5 is a 2020 Premium Luxury. The recall is VIN specific. My camera has and continues to work fine. Gives me an opportunity to make an appointment for the recall and to replace my thermostat once again.
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On the same car?
Yes, replaced about a year ago because the temperature on a long drive was consistently around 183*. No codes were set.
Now it initially warms to 190*, then drops to max 180* and sometimes as low as 176*. No codes that I can see with an OBD reader.

My dealer now says it will take 4 to 4 1/2 hours to complete the recall. My rear camera has been acting up for some time so I’d better get the car in for service.
Mine was done 3 weeks ago. They need to replace the cable all the way to the dash area and in doing so must remove the seats on that side of the car. You will need to reprogram you memory settings because the seat cables are disconnected. Check operation of seat heaters, cooling, and vibration after the job is done. I did not have any issues.

I had one small dot that was discolored on my rear camera that is not there any longer.
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