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REALLY stuck ball joint

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Replaced one lower ball joint last weekend and now it's time for the other. Fort the record, last weekend, I dropped the control arm and then had my way with the rivets with a Dewalt grinder. Ground the heads off, punched them out and put it back together.

Now the problem is I can't break the other lower ball joint free. I've tried a spreader to no avail and then a fork and hammer. Still no luck. It's really in there! Any suggestions? :confused:
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I only have a tiny compressor and I'm not set up for impact tools. I'm thinking of putting a cheater on the fork or looking for a better press. If all else fails, I'm thinking I'll have to drill it out of the knuckle. Not looking forward to that though. I have the control arm loose already so I can pull it free it I could just free the ball joint.
Bolth the arm up, loosen the ball joint nut ( flush with the top of the stud), hammer hard on the knuckle and use a big prybar between the CV joint and the ball joint stud/nut. Use as big of a hammer as you can aim into the knuckle and have an assistant pry at the same time if possible.
Thank you both for the advice.

I'm a little worried about the CV boot. I've never been a framer and I am confortable with the fact that I am uncomfortable hitting anything with a hammer/mallet/sledge. That won't stop me from giving it another go before seeking out new tools. I will post when I finish.
Long story short, I got a bigger hammer. 4 pounder directly to the knuckle knocked her off no problem. I plan to edit this thread to give a detailed description of replacing the lowers.
The mechanics credo: If it doesn't fit, get a bigger hammer. Usually works for me.
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