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I've noticed that there are quite a few questions popping up all the time on how to read codes on their vehicle.

What I would like to do is make a reference of the methods required for this per model and year. I could then make eithere a small webpage, or maybe a mod would sticky a post.

So, the question... If you know how to read a code, DO TELL! :p along with the years you know it works on.

I aim to gather all year spans


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Well, here is a start.
Older Sevilles & I think Eldo's used the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons. Newer ones use INFO UP and OFF buttons. Not sure when the switch was. Have always been curious myself.

Devilles have always been OFF and WARMER as long as I can remember. I think the newer ones (maybe around 2000) may have gone to INFO UP and OFF (not positive).

Hopefully someone will fill in the switch over years and/or correct me.
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